EMBROIDERED BAG #3004 - For all you lighthouse lovers. This lighthouse replicates the Tibbetts Point lighthouse in Cape Vincent, NY on the St. Lawrence river. There are many different lighthouses to choose from. The quilted pocket is embroidered and is custom made in the US. Call for pricing. Special order that gift you need for a wedding, new baby or just a gift for your self.


EMBROIDERED BAG #3006 - Diaper Bag

EMBROIDERED BAG #3007 - Teacher Bag

Small tote bag with a Bichon Frise embroidered on the pocket along with name.
Tote bag is large enough to carry a binder as well as brushes and leashes.

Excellent to carry all the information about your special family member when going to a show, vet, or traveling. Or you can carry this special bag as you purse.
Made of heavy weight canvas and is all custom made. When it is full of items it stands about 10 - 11 inches tall. Additional breeds available as well a custom sizes. Any questions please don't hesitate to call 315-654-8181.

The perfect tote for travel. Made of heavy weight canvas with custom quilted pocket and lettering. Custom made in the US. Any questions please don't hesitate to call 315-654-8181. Flowers, birds, dogs, sports, and much much more. The list of what is available is endless. And don't forget you can add lettering for that personal touch.

Another custom tote bag with a yellow lab head and name. This tote bag is custom made in the US and is extra large. Great for teachers to carry important papers and books. Great travel bag and when personalized is easy to spot your bag. Is large enough to carry lots yet can scrunch down to fit under the seat on the airplane. Made of heavy weight canvas.

EMBROIDERED BAG #3007 - Any golfer would love to win this tote bag to use a a purse or carry bag for the office. Will fit under the seat when you travel. All bags can be personalized with initials or name.

EMBROIDERED BAG #3007 - Teacher Bag